Vi Vante Classique M10 and M240 Black LeatherHalf Case

Vi Vante Classique M10 and M240 Black LeatherHalf Case


The Vi Vante Classique, a luxury Leica M10 half case designed and made to the highest standards. The beautiful textured leather is carefully selected and dyed to perfectly match our Ultime Camera Strap line. The Classique has an open back design able to accommodate a thumbs up grip, or an electronic viewfinder. The case expertly fits your Leica M10 camera, by perfectly hugging it like a glove!   No bagginess or uneven areas, does not block viewfinders. It’s a great way to protect your camera when it is outside of your Vi Vante Camera bag! Please note there is no tripod mount. Each half case comes in a branded dust cover.

Vi Vante Classique Half Case Fits: Leica M10 Cameras Only.

Excellent Fit & Finish.

Luxury leather that fits like a glove.

Electroplated buttons resistant to scratching or chipping. 

Protect your M10 camera in style and match your Ultime Camera Strap.

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