Nearly a NOS M9, welcome home!!!!

Nearly a NOS M9, welcome home!!!!

Barton 1972 Fast Aperture Leica leather camera strap.jpg
LeicaM9 camera strap.jpg

I picked up a M9 today! More and more I missed the look of the CCD sensor on the M. I have a S2 and that is another camera I will never sell. There's something so magical about CCD when there's enough light! That's the only caveat is the noise at higher iso but it will be a great addition with my M10. The M10's colors are flawless by the way, but I'll save that for a detailed review. Leica Store Miami found me this gem with just over 400 shutter actuations and they had it CLA's and the sensor was replaced. They always take great care of me on my equipment.

Video on Chimping and excessive Liveview use in M photography

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